The HCC of Rural Missouri—A Rural Health Network
The primary focus of The HCC of Rural Missouri, A Rural Health Care Network, is to address the needs of the rapidly growing aging population, explore health information technology; and expand programs that establish healthy lifestyles in the county.

After a needs assessment conducted by the six agencies that make up the HCC Executive Board—Lafayette County Health Department, Lafayette Regional Health Center, Rodgers-Lafayette Health and Dental Center, Care Connection for Aging Services, Pathways Behavioral Healthcare, Inc., and the 4-Life Center—this Rural Network has jointly agreed to the following:
  • Implement and oversee the expansion and delivery of a system of primary care, dental care, behavioral health, health and wellness prevention programs, and school based programs
  • Monitor and make recommendations regarding the availability and delivery of all primary health and mental health services in Lafayette County—with a specific emphasis on ensuring access to health care
  • Explore the potential for establishing a health insurance plan for county employers and individuals that may include a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
  • Determine the feasibility of establishing a Center on Aging to meet the comprehensive health care needs of elders throughout Lafayette County
  • Develop a comprehensive Health Information Technology (HIT) plan that addresses the needs of all health providers throughout the County
  • Continue to provide and expand programs that promote healthy habits to combat chronic disease
  • Develop a Supplemental Transportation System in Lafayette County
Contact HCC to learn more, visit or call 660.259.2440.