We are a community—no matter which way you turn.
When you walk through the doors of the Lexington 4-Life Center, you can go right, left, or straight ahead. There’s something wonderful happening whatever direction you choose.

If you go right, you’re going to Rodgers-Lafayette Dental and Health Clinic, Lexington R-V Early Childhood Center, or to Early Childhood Professions. There you’ll see energetic youngsters learning or at play with their teachers are high school-aged teachers in training. If you walk back a little further, you’ll see a state-of-the art kitchen where meals are prepared for the Margaret Gray Center and packed for the Center’s meals-on-wheels program.

Keep going straight back until you’re clear out of the building and there’s a budding flower garden and an inviting playground that would excite any child.

Go left and through the double doors and you’ve hit a fitness center that offers a new walking track, cardio equipment, and low-intensity free weights. The Lexington 4-Life office is there too.

Go straight and you’ll find the Margaret Gray Center, where people are enjoying their meals, or taking computer classes. You may even see older adults interacting with early childhood students, or a group simply lounging in a lovely living room-like setting, reading or watching television.

This is what community is all about–people helping people and enjoying themselves while they do it. The Lexington 4-Life Center is a familial community, with warm faces and people who are genuinely happy to be there.

Come visit and see for yourself. Our take a few moments to watch our video.