Her Dream is Now Our Reality…
When you mention the name Margaret Gray, words like “hometown hero,” “wonderful person,” “an inspiration” and “driving force,” are among the adjectives used to describe her.

“When we first started meeting about the senior center, someone had invested a large amount of money,” said Wally Hulver, Lexington 4-Life Center vice chair.” The majority of us didn’t know who this investor was…and we’d make recommendations about where the money should go. The response was always, ‘we’ll have to get this approved by the investor.’ Well Margaret Gray was the investor. And she’d sit there so quietly. It was a couple of years before we knew it was her. She was the driving force behind the Center. It was her dream.”

The Margaret Gray Center is a fledgling community venue with intergenerational programs, a place where seniors can enjoy a good meal, and a friendly place that many people consider a second home.

In retrospect, this all came about because one woman wanted to give something back to the community – and she gave her entire life savings to help make it happen. Today, the Center is a place where people visit, fellowship, meet new friends and stay connected with old friends.

“Margaret Gray is my hometown hero,” said Center Coordinator, Taffy Morgan. “This was Margaret’s dream…she is such an inspiration to me and she always will be.”