Lexington 4-Life
Maximizing Opportunities to Sustain, Build, Flourish

Purchasing the Lexington Shopping Center that houses the Lexington 4-Life Center was the first step. Now, the Board continues to focus on the mark—maintaining its current operating capacity, while seeking the resources to remain self-sufficient and bolster revenue. These initiatives will position the Center to enhance programming and infrastructure improvements.

Among the Center’s sustainability goals are: Paying off the building and leveraging the proceeds to supplement 4-Life Center activities, as well as growing current services.

Private and public funds are also being sought to supplement other revenue sources, and support capital improvements throughout the shopping center. Additionally, the Center will leverage office space rentals to maximize revenue.

The Lexington 4-Life Center is a wonderful example of how community stewards, in Lexington and throughout Lafayette County, have worked together to improve the quality of life for individuals of all ages.

The support you provide is critical to helping us reach our sustainability goals – as we strive to make an ongoing impact on the lives of those we serve.

Learn more about how to give, or contact Lexington 4-Life at 660.259.9019.