The Margaret Gray Center’s Congregate Meal Plan for Seniors 60+ is Balanced, Nutritional
Our congregate meal program offers delicious, well-balanced meals designed to meet the nutritional needs and expectations of seniors 60 and over.

We feature our own home cooked recipes for many items. Heart Healthy choices for vegetables have less fat and sodium. Choices for desserts include a Heart Healthy item which is either low in sugar or sugar free, unsweetened fruit.
A chef salad is always a meal option, if preferred. Many centers have implemented soup and salad bars which make individual tastes and dietary requirements easier to satisfy.

All meals meet one-third of the recommended daily allowances for persons 60 and older. Meal costs include a “suggested contribution” based on the cost of the meal. However, individual patron contributions are always confidential. No eligible participant is denied a meal if unable to contribute.

Food Stamp vouchers are accepted as contributions. Guests under the age of 60 are welcome to lunch at the full cost of the meal which is $6.41. Expanded serving times and a relaxed décor help enhance the dining experience.
Monday thru Friday soup and salad starts at 11:00 and the hot lunch is 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Contact us for additional information or to find out about volunteer opportunities.