EnhanceFitness: Get Fit, Stay Healthy, Have Fun!

EnhanceFitness classes are unique because it’s based on scientific research and input from older adults. The result is one of the most effective fitness classes ever offered.

EnhanceFitness combines the three key components of fitness: strength training, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning. And to ensure safety, each exercise was developed by physical therapy experts in conjunction with agencies serving older adults.

The program enables you to always work at your own pace. You instructor provides individual attention and demonstrates variations and modifications to find a level that’s perfectly suited for you.

EnhanceFitness benefits:
  • Maintains or improves cardiovascular endurance fitness, muscle strength, balance and flexibility
  • Prevents falls
  • Maintains or improves physical function
  • Lowers health care costs
  • Provides a social benefit
  • Promotes a physically active lifestyle
EnhanceFitness classes are taught by certified fitness instructors who have additional training in working with older adults. Contact us to learn more about the program or to volunteer as an EnhanceFitness Coach.