EnhanceWellness: It’s about health. It’s about life.
EnhanceWellness has been designed especially for older adults to enhance the quality of their lives. Based on scientific research and input from participants, EnhanceWellness combines the benefits of a support group, registered nurse, and social worker together in one program.

Personalized health action plans identify your strengths and health risks to improve health and well-being. Program participants choose to stay healthy and robust, while experiencing increased energy, confidence and connection with others.

EnhanceWellness benefits:
  • Motivational intervention
  • Encouragement and a personal health coach
  • Health education
  • Comprehensive evaluation of health challenges
  • Goals and action plans to help you get moving
  • Feedback and encouragement
  • Support groups
Contact us to learn more about this program, or visit ProjectEnhance.org.