Assisted Living Checklist

Assisted Living is a viable option for many people. Where applicable, take the same steps in choosing an assisted living facility as you would if you were to choose a nursing home for a loved one.

What follows are among the many details to consider:

1. Who owns and manages the facility?

2. Is health care the facility’s primary business?

3. How long has the facility been operating and how many times has it changed owners/management?

4. What is the average staff tenure (facility director, activities director, dietitian, nursing staff, etc.)?

5. What emergency training does the staff receive?

6. How do the residents rate various services (cleanliness, meals, activities, level of care by management and staff, medical services, etc.)?

7. What is the process for filing and resolving problems?

8. What services are included in monthly fees?

9. What services require extra costs (telephone, cable, transportation, etc.)?

10. Is a security deposit required and is it transferable should the resident need to transition to the facility’s nursing home?

11. Are assistance programs available to subsidize costs?

12. Are special meals offered to diabetics or individuals who require low cholesterol and low sodium diets?

13. Can residents bring their own furniture and other personal effects?

14. If necessary, will the facility provide or make arrangements for additional medical support like wound management, injections, respiratory therapy, etc.)? Are there additional fees associated?

15. What is the facility’s system for informing the resident’s caregiver about falls, declining health conditions, depression, persistent aches and pains, etc.?

16. What is the weekly activity schedule?

17. What amenities does the facility provide (hair salon, computer room, library, chapel, general store, etc.)?

18. What health care services does the facility provide on-site (podiatry, dental care, physical exams, physical therapy, etc.)?

19. Are prescriptions delivered to residents? If not, what are the options?

20. Can residents rent walkers or wheelchairs if needed, or does the facility simply provide them?

21. What is the facility’s emergency procedure for fires, tornados, etc.?

22. What is the facility’s response system for residents with personal emergencies?