Foster Healthy Emotions through Initiative and Resolve

Negative emotions like depression and stress wreak havoc on the body’s defenses and have been linked to a variety of chronic illnesses. Taking charge of your emotional health is not a passive task . Conversely, it requires strong initiative and a resolute mindset to stay the course.

This section offers tools to help transform negative emotions into positive, progressive, lifestyle changes. Among the resources provide are:
  • Strategies for coping with loneliness
  • Tips for combating depression
  • Information about Yoga and how it benefits mind-body fitness
Sometimes seeking professional help is the best way to jump-start the journey of achieving a healthy mental state. The American Psychological Association recommends you seek professional help if you:
  • Feel trapped;
  • Worry incessantly and can’t concentrate;
  • Can’t sleep; and if
  • Your eating habits, job and relationships are affected.
Contact the Margaret Gray Center for additional help and information.

Download Center: (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the following documents.)
Coping with Loneliness: Tips for Seniors
Tips for Combating Depression
Tips for Combating Stress
Yoga’s Mind-body Fitness Benefits